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The Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising medium is growing and accounts for roughly half of all marketing budget buys.

At LED Truck Media, our DOOH business model allows advertisers and businesses to rent space on our mobile digital advertising billboard trucks to make their campaigns sizzle.

Six benefits of investing in an LED truck.

Mobile Digital Billboard advertising is the future of outdoor advertising and could be the future of your marketing program. They increase consumer awareness, cut out needless overhead costs, allow for immediate feedback, and can even save lives. There is no more effective way to advertise and inform.

They open a whole new world of content and creativity – Being able to market on the run, hitting target demographics with accuracy , will push your marketing efforts to a new level.


Because of the flexibility of mobile digital billboards, clients can change the artwork as often as they want or need. You can also run multiple ad campaigns at once. No longer will production and installation time be an obstacle. Your campaign can be as agile as needed. We live in a real-time society.


Marketing is all about standing out from the crowd. Because the Digital Billboard Truck features bright displays and brilliant colors with an in-your-face delivery method, they garner attention. Truck Advertising is the domain of bold, big, and eye-catching. Rear displays are eight times larger than standard transit ads.

Public Service

Mobile Digital Billboard can handle weather warnings, amber alerts and other real-time public service information that can be uploaded in minutes.


LED Truck Media’s audience intelligence technology is designed to provide the best route and target data available to determine optimal locations and times for our mobile delivery. Our analytics measure campaign efficiency with real-time impressions, demographics and behavior information.

Cost Efficient

There are no production and installation costs, cutting needless overhead expenditure. They do not wear out or have specifically set contract times and campaigns can be run for any length of time.

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We use Chevrolet trucks that come with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. All LED equipment carries its own three-year warranty. Trucks are outfitted in our warehouse in Miami. We have been manufacturing for 10 years and guarantee that our truck production is designed for durability and reliability.

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Compelling Argument.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and Nielsen surveys found that 46 percent of adults searched for a brand or product they first saw in an OOH ad. Ocean NeuroScience found that 48 percent of consumers are more likely to click on a mobile ad after seeing the same ad first on OOH advertising.

OOH is the only traditional media that is growing. TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines are all contracting. OAAA predicts the sector will exceed $8 billion in ad spending this year.

One company that is all in on OOH advertising is the online marketplace eBay, which has heavily invested in the medium.

Chief Marketing Officer Gareth Jones said OOH is about taking a digital brand and making it a physical reality. “Now you can change the message on the fly,” he said.

Gulab Patil, CEO of Lemma Technologies, speaking at an international OOH conference, said DOOH is the future of the advertising industry. “For growth in the future we have to accept the change and revolution in the digital space,” he said.

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