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experiential marketing.

People do not buy goods or services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.

Seth Godin

Experiential or engagement marketing follows a marketing strategy that invites an audience to interact with a brand in real-world conditions. The interaction is participatory, hands-on and allows consumers to experience a tactile, tangible experience with the product. These all-senses encounters allow a company to build an indelible impression within a consumer.

Benefits of experiential events.

Data Collection

Capture names and email addresses of players for your customer database

Traffic Generation

to your website or boost foot traffic with the incentive of winning a prize

Brand Awareness

Increase your brand awareness and promote products or services

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How to go experiential with the LED Truck .

Digital Gaming

LED Truck Media is the ideal medium for experiential marketing with its technology-rich trucks able to blend into a community, offering visual, audio and interactive experiences for a company’s brand. Whether showcasing a digital prize wheel, slot machine or streaming a live XBOX battle, our trucks have a constantly evolving gaming capability.

Our game platforms are customizable, meaning we can develop digital games for your specific target demographics.

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Drone / Live Event Streaming

Looking to stream an event in multiple cities to give your brand more reach?

Whatever the purpose, our team of in house creatives can think up hundreds of different ideas on how live and drone streaming can be utilized in our client campaigns. Drone live streams basically give our clients the ability to see something that is happening right now far away, and the ability to fly the ground from a bird’s eye view. Add a social streaming to the mix and now you have a fully experiential campaign that can be on and offline.


Technology is evolving faster than ever. Virtual and Augmented Reality is been used in art, gaming, and advertising. This powerful tool gives us the opportunity to enjoy gaming in ways never seen. It can also be seen in product demonstrations, training exercises. The limits are endless, now it’s time to see how we can incorporate this technology with your brand.

Brand Ambassadors

When we are developing experiential campaigns for clients we are always thinking about who could be the right brand ambassadors. We believe the combination of our Trucks and ambassador teams can make a powerful formula to enhance our client campaigns. Both provided insight into how consumers interact with our clients' brands but most importantly can gather feedback while building trust and relationships with current and future new consumers.

The Glass Walled Truck

Another tool in the LED Truck Media toolbox is the Glass Walled Truck, a non-digital platform that offers a prime opportunity for customer interaction. The 14-foot truck offers transparent windows ideal for vinyl wrapping. We can turn our trucks into rolling experiential stations where consumers can see, touch and feel your product. Envision the Glass Walled Truck as a pop-up clothing store, theatrical stage or even a peaceful meditation room where urban dwellers can escape the hectic pace of the city. The vehicles offer climate control, dual entries, built-in stairs, storage, and an onboard power source. We feature three sizes of mobile showrooms and will custom-build your display inside the vehicle. With custom vinyl wrapping, you can bring your showroom directly to the public.

*Only available in NY, LA, Miami and Houston.

Digital Billboard Bike Advertising

For grassroots, in-the-neighborhood marketing campaigns, our Digital Mobile Billboard Eco-Bikes put your message into a crowd like no other medium. The Digital Billboard Bikes are eco-friendly and allow for audience and customer interaction at the person-to-person level. Riders can pass out flyers, wear your brand, and deliver messaging to a targeted audience.

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