Cannabis Marketing.

Think outside the box
Stand apart from your competition by using out of home advertising.

If you Google "Best ways to Advertise My Cannabis Business" you will find a bunch of articles, blogs, and Cannabis Marketing agencies suggesting solutions like Online Advertising, Social Media, Branding, Packaging, Email marketing ... but none of one mention Outdoor Advertising.

We know that regulations are ambiguous and confusing for marijuana brands, publishers or digital platforms. However, while this may seem a hurdle, it is an opportunity for us because we have the advertising solution for the cannabis industry.

Our LED Billboard Trucks are the most effective media for Outdoor Cannabis Advertising.



We respect the distance and line-of-sight restrictions (schools, K12, daycares ... ) by controlling exactly where and when we advertise at all times.



Our legal team provides guidance on creative and advertising guidelines to ensure compliance nationwide.


Age Targeting

All our trucks are equipped with an Audience AnalyticsSoftware, so we make sure that the primary audience is 21 +

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our clients

We work with big and small companies.