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campaign retargeting.

Gain full control of your campaign and eliminate doubt.

All our trucks are equipped with a trailblazing analytics technology that allows you to PLAN. TRACK. REPORT. RETARGET & GROW.



With our audience location measurement, we help you to build the best route visualizing where your audience is and where it would be during your campaign.


Track & Report

Our Proof of Performance (POP) not only includes GPS tracking and pictures of the campaign but also a unique impression loaded with demographics, consumer behaviors and even duel time where your impressions are during A.M and P.M times.


Retarget & Grow

We track unique devices via mobile apps that come within proximity of your vehicle during your live campaign. We are able to anonymously capture key insights like the IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers, iOS) or the AAID (Google Play Services ID for Android) of the exposed audience empowering you to re-target them with online advertising.

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Retargeting Options.

Combine the power of OOH with mobile to create new engagement opportunities with your target audience through a retargeting campaign.

Take the Device ID's seen next to your vehicle advertisement and target them with advertising back in our partner app network. There are over 65,000 apps represented across a variety of networks including Google's DSP, AppNexus, and many more. If you're familiar with cookies online, this is essentially the same thing. Every time a user gets on one of our partner apps we will bid, through our exchange, to serve them your advertisement.

Social & Search

Take the Device ID's seen next to your vehicle advertisement and target them with advertising on Social. (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) If you believe your audience is going to be on one of these channels consistently, this may be the best option for you. We manage these campaigns. You get a weekly report.


For those who want to manage their advertising on behalf of their clients or for themselves, this may be the option for you. We sell you the devices seen next to your vehicle advertisement and manage your campaign yourself. Device ID's are served via a CSV file. Licensed to sell ads on Social, but not back in another exchange, or app network.

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